Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Okay... where do I begin? I know a few of my family keep up-to-date with this. Well, here goes....

I will be enlisting in the United States Marines either in mid-December or the beginning of January. This is my last week of school for, technically, the rest of my life. Okay, so the last week of "high-school" for the rest of my life. In about seven days I will walk into the college testing office and get my GED, whereupon getting my GED in my hand however long it takes for the due authorities to authenticate my test scores and give me my GED certificate I will walk into the Troutdale United States Marine Corps Recruiting Station and enlist, hopefully as either (in descending order of preference) Intelligence Specialist, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator, Field Artillery, Tank Crewman/Mechanic.

In more recent news, you may have noticed I haven't been on Facebook. Well, that's because for this term of college I deactivated my Facebook account. That's all fine and well because in a week I'll be reactivating my account. When I leave for boot-camp at San Diego MCRD in July I may put someone in charge of my Facebook- they'll post updates about my time down there and also keep up-to-date with motivated Marine Corps stuff. Also, in other news, I've got a job at Wal-Mart for the past three months. I work in the Garden/Seasonal department and so far it's been a pretty crazy Holiday season! I am getting in the Christmas spirit and someone even told me that I totally fit into the Seasonal department because of all my holiday cheer and energy! Haha!

Alright, so on a final point, I am going to get rid of this Blogger site eventually and switching over to Wordpress. I have it set up already and you can find it here.

Take care!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An update on my life

Anger... hateful, hateful anger.

Maybe I should've listened. Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered anyway.
That's the problem with hormones, no matter how hard you try, your life just gets screwed up anyways.

It was all over an argument? I don't know. Maybe I had it coming to me. I'll find out later in life, maybe while I'm dying of a bullet or a grenade wound.

I'm staring at my contacts list. They're both online and quite active. I have no doubt they are talking with each other, over that vile abomination called Instant Messaging. Who knows? Maybe it'll all go to Hell. Or maybe I will. Like I said, we'll find out later.

I don't want to write any more, but I still need to finish my college essay. Lovely.